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Why You'll Love Us

Our Approach

Dental Hygiene Team provides a full scope of dental procedures to your agency through mobile service. When required, we utilize partnerships with local Dentists, Denturists, and Primary Care Professionals together as a team to accomplish a seamless dental care pathway for your clients.

There is more to dental care than its technical application. There is a human component and there are unique circumstances. We consider both when serving our clients. We strive to bring everyone to their fullest oral health potential,  with special consideration of an individual's unique abilities.

Our Team

We are Registered Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, and Dental Support professionals. We have decades of educational and practical experience in the field of oral health. We are accountable to the public through The College of Dental Hygiene. Our infection control procedures are governed by both The College of Dental Hygiene and Public Health Ontario. We are members of our professional associations CDHA and ODHA. 

How We Work...

"Keeping it Simple, Keeping it Real"

We pride ourselves on providing an oral health program for facilities with minimal disruption to your agency. 

We take care of it all. 

From booking to billing to portering residents and communicating with your staff and caregivers, we've got it covered. Our comprehensive scope of practice allows for everything from denture care to oral health maintenance to preserving existing tooth structure using non-invasive techniques. We have a practical caring approach to dentistry which has been well received by many. We look forward to working with you to achieve a successful dental program.

Have a dental emergency? We have a same day response policy.

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