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Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)

The Dental Hygiene Team will accept the CDCP. We will collect directly from Sunlife for this portion of payment as this is the process we must follow.


There is a difference in charges between what the CDCP Plan will cover and the fee guide we use. We use the  Ontario Dental Hygiene Fee Guide. When we bill the CDCP there will be a co-pay to meet our fee guide and you will receive an invoice for this amount.


The CDCP plan and its coverage is specific to each family’s income. Your coverage with the CDCP  Plan will be specific to you. The coverage you are eligible for with CDCP may range from 40%-100%. If you have 100% coverage with the CDCP plan you will still be invoiced for the co-pay to meet our fee guide. This invoice can range from $55-$150 based on the treatment that is completed.


If you have private dental insurance or a company plan, we will send you an insurance form filled out with all of our information.You can then fill out the patient information, submit it to your insurance company and your insurance company will pay you directly. This has always been the process for those with private and or company dental insurance  


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